Welcome to Le Petit Paris 75

French Bar in San Francisco, CA

Le Petit Paris 75 is a French that bar serves an impressive selection of traditional wines and foods. Located in San Francisco, CA, we're the go-to lounge bar for great wine tasting, beer tasting,[tapas and desserts, and bar dining! We provide the perfect place for late night dates and special occasions. Weekly, we host classic movie nights and live music to a create a fun social atmosphere.

Le Petit Paris 75 offers a wide array of wine tasting options along with some good cheese and Charcuterie boards. Combined with bar dining and live music, we are the hot spot for a fun time. If wine is not your type of drink, we also have a cocktail bar that can serve up custom mixed drinks.

Stop by Le Petit Paris 75 today if you are looking for a lounge bar with a cool and Parisian ambiance!

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Outdoor and Indoor seating available!

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